About Bailey's

About Bailey's


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If you are thinking about joining a health club, we encourage you to come see for yourself what Bailey's has to offer.  Our website will give you information about our locations, services and amenities, but until you come see for yourself, it's going to be difficult to know if Bailey's is the right place for you...We think we will be.  We have something for everyone and our facilities cater to all fitness levels.


Our multiple locations, have the widest variety of cardiovascular and resistance training equipment anywhere.  We give our members variety and quality.  At Bailey's we also make education a top priority.  The more you know about fitness, the more motivated and committed you will be to your program. We host a variety of seminars and workshops throughout the year for our members. Click here for a list of Special Events


Getting started couldn't be easier

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We understand that it may be intimidating to walk into Bailey's for the first time:  "There's so much equipment, will I ever learn how to use it all?" "Has someone REAL joined this gym before?" "Will I fit in?" "Will the staff continue to be helpful after I join?"  The simple answer to all of these is YES.  Yes, there is a lot of equipment. That's one of the greatest things about our clubs.  One of the most important aspects of your fitness program should be variety.  For the best results you should always vary your workout.  By using different exercises, different machines and different levels of resistance and intensity, you will be able to consistently see changes in your body.  And since we don't expect anyone to walk in and know how to use every piece of equipment, as a part of your membership, we've included 2 complimentary Orientation Sessions with a Certified Personal Trainer.


REAL PEOPLE, not just athletes and bodybuilders DO work out at Bailey's.  If this weren't true, we'd have no need for our Orientation Program.  When you look around, you will not be able to miss the wide variety of ages and fitness levels working out around you.  You can count on our staff.  Everyone from our fitness consultants to our group exercise instructors can help you with your program.  Even after you're acclimated to Bailey's and used to working out, if ever you need guidance or direction with your program or a particular exercise, any one of the Bailey's staff can be counted on to give you the information that you need.  Come on in and see for yourself why we are Jacksonville's #1 health club.


We Maintain Your Privacy At Bailey's Gyms

We are as concerned as you are about your private information.  When we collect information for business use on our website or in our clubs, we fully disclose the reason why we are doing so.  At no time will your confidential information be given to any other unrelated person or association.  If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please Contact Us.