Employee Bios

Employee Bios




Club Manager Ed Vega

Ed Vega  -  Club Manager


Ed rejoined the Bailey's Team in April of 2004, previously managing the Orange Park location from July 1999 through October 2000 and our St. John's Bluff location from April 2004 through May 2006. He has managed the Baymeadows location since 2006. Ed has always been into fitness and considers it a "lifetime commitment". His main goal as manager is to provide good customer service, a clean environment and a friendly atmosphere that members can look forward to enjoy.


Ed enjoys spending time with his wife and looks forward to seeing his children and grandchildren when time permits.


Email Ed at: edwinvega@baileysgym.com




Group Fitness Coordinator Valerie McCartin

Valerie McCartin - Director of Group Fitness

Valerie has been teaching group exercise for more than 25 years. She has held an AFAA Group Exercise Certification since 1990. She is also certified in Kickboxing, P90X, Step, Stott Mat Pilates, Stott Pilates Reformer, 200 RYT Yoga, TRX, Schwinn Cycle and is a Certified Personal Trainer thru Cooper Institute. Valerie is also a certified FHSAA Soccer Referee and a FYSA Soccer Referee.


If you want it bad enough, you'll find ways to make it happen.

Email Valerie at: valeriemccartin@baileysgym.com



Fitness Consultant Kaye Westlake

Kaye Westlake  -  Fitness Consultant


"Having grown up in a family business in New Jersey, I learned at a very early age how Customer Service plays an important part to the success of any business. The customer comes first! After battling rheumatoid arthritis and hypothyroidism for 3 years and gaining 60 pounds from the prescription drugs, I turned to a personal trainer at Bailey’s, who helped me realize how diet and exercise can play an integral part in a healthier lifestyle. I was and still am amazed how after 6 months I was given the "ok" by my doctor to go off of my meds. I was given the opportunity in 2003 to become part of the Bailey’s Team, and I accepted!. I love meeting new people and hearing about their challenges in life. I enjoy sharing my life experiences and finding ways to help them to achieve a healthier lifestyle. I love spending my time off with my family. I have a grandbaby boy who is 5 yrs old. He is the light of my life!"


Email Kaye at: kayewestlake@baileysgym.com


Fitness Consultant Kerri Snyder

Kerri Snyder  -  Fitness Consultant


I moved to Jacksonville in August of 2001 and love living here!!! I was born and raised in Miami, FL and enjoy living the Florida lifestyle! I have been with Bailey's since March of 2003 and I LOVE what I do. My own fitness success story, in which I lost 100 pounds, started with reluctantly falling into a group fitness class. I absolutely loved it! It inspired me to become an instructor certified through Cooper's Institute, teaching many classes for military members and running special classes for those not passing their PRT on the Naval Base while stationed overseas in Italy. I have a beautiful daughter who resides in Arizona. I love being active, playing sports and watching them as well. Most importantly, my faith has always kept me going. I love attending Grace Lutheran Church. Stay Healthy and God's Blessings!


Email Kerri at: kerrisnyder@baileysgym.com



Fitness consultant Ira Daniels

Ira Daniels  -  Fitness Consultant


Ira is a Jacksonville native, just like Bailey’s Health and Fitness. With more than 11 years in the customer service industry, his goals are to provide every member with a one of a kind gym experience. Ira, along with the entire Baymeadows team, continues to provide a clean, safe, and fun environment for every member, so they can continue to make Bailey’s their home to work out and enjoy their healthier lifestyle. He believes that, “Baymeadows has the best fitness atmosphere in Jacksonville” so on your next visit, be sure to stop by the front desk and let him know what you think. Ira is also a huge Florida State Seminoles fan! During his off time he loves to spend time with his loving wife and beautiful daughter. He also likes to train for runs like the Gate River Run and rides like the MS 150.


Email Ira at: iradaniels@baileysgym.com


Fitness consultant John Gillenwaters

John Gillenwaters  -  Fitness Consultant


I am the opener of our Baymeadows location. I've only been in Jacksonville since August of 2015, and with Bailey's since September of the same year. I come from a very small town in Florida where I learned a lot of my values that I still hold onto to this day. I've accumulated a lot of knowledge of exercise and personal fitness from my years of running varsity track and playing sports with my friends. I enjoy working out, exploring my new hometown, and meeting new people! If you ever see me at the front counter and I don't know you, feel free to swing by so we can change that!


Email John at: johngillenwaters@baileysgym.com


Cashier Min Phu Tran

Min Phu Tran  -  Cashier



Hi, I'm Minhphu Tran. I'm from Vietnam, I moved to Jacksonville in Feburary 2008. I'm currently studying at FSCJ for my nursing degree. I also joined the Baileys team at the end of October 2017. I usually work during the afternoon and evening hours. I really enjoy working at Bailey's because of the great energy and motivation of the people around me.  If you have any questions, please come see me and I'll be happy to help!





Cashier Julius Kelly

Julius Kelly  -  Cashier




My name is Julius and was born and raised here in Jacksonville Florida. I love fitness and enjoy working out so It made sense to apply to a gym. I’m glad to be part of this team and excited to further my knowledge.





Cashier Melisa Kantarevic

Melisa Kantarevic  -  Cashier



My name is Melisa Kantarevic. I was born in Germany but was raised here in Florida. My sister introduced me to the Bailey's team and I have been working at Bailey's Gym since May of 2019. I currently go to school for nursing and it is a extreme passion of mine. I hope to work as a OB/GYN in the future. In my free time, I enjoy playing video games, going to the beach, and taking naps with my pit bull Bubba. I love meeting new people, so come see me at the Baymeadows location!




Play Area Attendant Maria Luciano

Maria Luciano  -  Play Area Attendant


I've been with Bailey's for five years strong and counting! I work with an amazing team that makes my job easy! To me there is nothing more rewarding than working with children. Children allow me to access my silly, playful and motherly side. I grew up in Neptune, New Jersey, graduated from Asbury Park High School in 1985, and am a mother of six! I'm personable, reliable and I LOVE LIFE! I have a chihuahua named Tiger, who has my personality and brings me joy. I enjoy walks, music and love family time.

Thank you for trusting your child with me. My goal is to make every child, and family, feel special and cared for, all in a safe and nurturing environment for busy parents that want to work out and know that their children are safe and nearby.




Play Area Attendant Brena LaCourse

Brena LaCourse  -  Play Area Attendant


I was born and raised in Florida and have been a member of Bailey's since 2012 when my oldest child turned one. I am now a mom of two and love that I have always been able to include my children in my fitness lifestyle. I became a Play Area Attendant in March if 2019 and I have loved being a part of the team. I am always amazed by the intelligence and creativity of children, and feel thankful that I can help with our member's fitness goals by keeping their little ones safe and entertained while they workout. When I'm not at the gym, I enjoy working on my handmade stationary business, with goals of funding a program that provides art therapy for children and teens with mental health illnesses. I also love the beach and Disney trips with my family.




Play Area Attendant Scheherzade Liatsos

Scheherzade Liatsos  -  Play Area Attendant


My name is Scheherzade and I enjoy working at Bailey's because I value both health and fitness in my personal life. I work as a Play Area Attendant and have enjoyed every moment each day brings. Every child that walks through the doors of Bailey's should feel just as comfortable as the adults that work out here. I hope to inspire each child I care for to laugh and enjoy being a kid while their parents enjoy working out in our fitness establishment. Every day is a blessing and I aim to help others and appreciate all the opportunities life has to bring. I lean towards the creative aspects of things which allows a more vibrant motive for my day to day interests. I am a proud believer of God's good grace and in my free time I love to worship Him, Amen.




Play Area Attendant Dawsan Rose

Dawsan Rose  -  Play Area Attendant


I was born and raised most of my life in Jacksonville, Florida. I spent my high school years in upstate New York and while living there worked for the YMCA school programs/summer camps. I am currently a nanny for a local family and Play Area Attendant at Bailey's since May 2019. Working in a health and fitness environment is super important to me as it plays a big role in my life since my 65 pound weight loss. To be able to provide members a service to watch their children so they can further their fitness goals is super exciting!




Cleaner Dominque Schofield

Dominque Schofield  -  Cleaner


I joined the Bailey's team in August of 2013. I enjoy working for Bailey's, communicating with members and working with my peers. I also enjoy spending time with my son, and am looking forward to going back to school to further my education.




Sweat PT Manager Rob Pinder

Rob Pinder  -  Sweat PT Manager


Rob Pinder is the Sweat PT Manager at our Baymeadows location. He attended college at UNC-Pembroke and graduated with a Bachelors in Recreation Management. During his college career he had the opportunity to play 4 years of College Basketball. He also interned with UNCP Basketball Strength and Conditioning in 2006. Rob currently holds his AAFA Personal Trainer certification obtained in 2013, as well as his CPR/First Aid certification in 2010. He specializes in a wide variety of training and nutrition and uses this to make an impact in people's lives. Rob is passionate about what he does and with his knowledge, skills, coaching, motivation and superior commitment to our members, he helps them optimize their results and achieve their fitness goals. Aside from fitness, Rob enjoys spending time with his family and is a proud father of a daughter and son! He is originally from Fayettville, NC. He also loves sports, especially basketball. His favorite player is Lebron James.


Email Rob at: rpinder@sweatpt.com