Employee Bios

Employee Bios




Regional Manager Luke Bonner

Luke Bonner  - Regional Manager



Florida native Luke Bonner came to the Bailey's Health and Fitness team in 2016. Luke has had a lifelong passion for fitness and health improvement. With over 15 years in guest related fields, he aims to serve every guest's needs and provide the best possible experience. Luke believes in the true life changes that can come from a healthy lifestyle, and looks forward to continuing to grow his involvement in the fitness industry with Bailey's.


Email Luke at: lukebonner@baileysgym.com




Group Fitness Coordinator Valerie McCartin

Valerie McCartin - Director of Group Fitness


Valerie has been teaching group exercise for more than 25 years. She has held an AFAA Group Exercise Certification since 1990. She is also certified in Kickboxing, P90X, Step, Stott Mat Pilates, Stott Pilates Reformer, 200 RYT Yoga, TRX, Schwinn Cycle and is a Certified Personal Trainer thru Cooper Institute. Valerie is also a certified FHSAA Soccer Referee and a FYSA Soccer Referee. If you want it bad enough, you'll find ways to make it happen.


Email Valerie at: valeriemccartin@baileysgym.com


Director of Team Training Troy Graham

Troy Graham  - Director of Team Training


Troy Graham became a Bailey's Gym member at the age of 18. Since then, he has used the facilities to influence his career in a multitude of ways. He is a former Jacksonville University football player and now an alumni with a Bachelors in Science & Arts. Post-college he has became a professional all-natural bodybuilder, and an NASM Certified Personal Trainer. Troy has been personal training with Sweat PT since March 2017. Troy has a passion for health and fitness. He loves how it can inspire anyone to achieve their unique goals.


Email Troy at: troygraham@baileysgym.com



Fitness Consultant Lav White

Lav White  -  Fitness Consultant

Lav started working at Bailey’s Health and Fitness in June of 2008. He has worked at several locations, but his heart and soul is committed to serving the people of Mandarin where he has developed strong relationships with surrounding businesses in the community. He has worked in fitness arena for 20 plus years in several different capacities, from working as a Coach at the Boys and Girls Club, to working as an Aquatics director at a country club.

Lav continues to educate himself in the fitness field so he can provide members with best and most accurate educational information possible, to ensure that goals will be met. Lav’s most valued asset is his customer service. His gift is encouraging and bringing out the best in people.

“There’s nothing more satisfying to me than to help someone be better in a moment’s time.”


Email Lav at: lavwhite@baileysgym.com



Fitness Consultant Sandy Connolly

Sandy Connolly  -  Fitness Consultant

Sandy Connolly has been a member of Bailey's Health and Fitness since 2008. After working for the City of Jacksonville for over nine years she joined the team as a Fitness Consultant in the summer of 2016. Sport has always played an important role of her life. She calls the gym her "Happy Place". "After I workout, I feel energized, alert and alive", she says. She admits that motivating yourself can be hard. "No excuses" is her motto. When you make up your mind to do something you just need to do it! Sandy loves to help others and motivate them. Whenever you need a cheerleader come and see her!


Email Sandy at: sandyconnolly@baileysgym.com



Fitness Consultant Kevin Burgdorf

Kevin Burgdorf  -  Fitness Consultant



Kevin has been an active member of Bailey's Health & Fitness for over 10 years, and has been employed as a Fitness Consultant for the last 5 years. He strives to involve physical fitness in every aspect of his life and trains vigorously 5 days a week at the Mandarin location. Kevin takes a lot of pride in his job and loves to assist members with their workout routines, and make sure that no member goes unnoticed.



Email Kevin at: kevinburgdorf@baileysgym.com



Fitness Consultant Chadwick Boyd

Chadwick Boyd  -  Fitness Consultant


Chadwick started working part-time at Bailey's Health and Fitness during November of 2018. Since his childhood, he has had a strong interest in fitness and bodybuilding. He enjoys motivating others to help reach their unique fitness goals. He believes that a community built on encouragement and accountability is pivotal to success in any arena. When Chadwick is not working, he can likely be found working out on the gym floor or playing basketball. He loves learning and implementing new exercises.



Email Chadwick at: chadwickboyd@baileysgym.com



Cashier Katharine Burke

Katharine Burke - Cashier


Katharine joined the Bailey's team in June 2015 as a Play Area Attendant. She transitioned to the role of Cashier in November 2016. As with many of our employees, Katharine shares a special interest in health and fitness. She is currently pursuing a Master's degree in nursing, with aspirations of becoming a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. When Katharine is not working, she enjoys spending time with her Pitbull puppy, CJ. She also loves watching her favorite sports teams play, including the Florida State and the Boston Red Sox!





Cashier Jesse Wroblewski

Jesse Wroblewski - Cashier


Jesse started working at Bailey’s Health and Fitness in December of 2011 at our San Jose location. She has held several different positions within the company, starting out as a Fitness Consultant, and then transitioning to a Cashier so she can continue pursuing her education at UNF. Jesse is very passionate about fitness, and loves to help people reach their goals, big or small. When not working or studying, Jesse loves to travel and spend time with her son.






Play Area Attendant Erika Stratoberdha

Erika Stratoberdha - Play Area Attendant



Erika joined Bailey's in January 2013 as a Play Area Attendant at our Baymeadows location, then transferred to Mandarin. Erika loves working with children, and is a true asset to the Bailey's team! Erika is married, and enjoys spending time at the park with her own chldren.







Play Area Attendant Lauren Enochs

Lauren Enochs - Play Area Attendant



Lauren first worked with children at JCDS Summer Camp, where she learned how to have fun while maintaining a safe environment. This falls in line with one of her mottos 'Have fun, be safe', the other motto being 'team work makes the dream work'. In addition to working at Bailey's Health and Fitness, Lauren also volunteers for an after school arts program for children. Lauren is an energetic person who loves to dance. Her Favorite Bailey's class is the hip hop workout 'IGNITE'.









Play Area Attendant Bethany Valentin

Bethany Valentin - Play Area Attendant



Bethany has worked with children for the past ten years...from babysitting to volunteering at the Boys & Girls club to working at the Salvation Army. She earned her Bachelor's and Master's degree in Social Work. Currently she works at a group home for foster children during the day and at Baileys during the evenings.









Cleaner Tim Needham



Tim Needham - Cleaner




Tim started working at Bailey's Health & Fitness in August 2011. He enjoys interacting with all our members and making sure they have a clean and sanitary gym to work out in. He takes great pride in his work, and he is a valued member of the Bailey's family. In his downtime, Tim enjoys watching sports and cheering on his beloved Philadelphia Eagles!







Cleaner Rosana Rodriguez

Rosana Rodriguez-Ojeda - Cleaner

Rosana started working at Bailey's Health & Fitness in November 2008. She was born in Fajardo, Puerto Rico and moved to Jacksonville 12 years ago. Rosana enjoys going to church and spending time with her family, especially her grandchildren. She takes great pride in her work here at Bailey's, making sure the members have a clean and safe environment to workout in. She also has a good rapport with many members and her coworkers. Rosana is grateful for the opportunity she has been given to work at Bailey's.





Sweat PT Manager Shane Fox

Shane Fox  - Sweat PT Manager


Shane Fox is the Manager for Sweat Personal Training in our Mandarin location. He originally came in as a personal trainer but realized the management position allowed him the opportunity to combine his desire to educate as well as to provide outstanding customer service for a great organization. He is a graduate of Ohio Northern University with a Bachelor' Degree in Industrial Technology, and in 2009 gained his Personal Training certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. While this is an odd combination, engineering was a job - not a career! He is truly passionate about the service he provides, as you will be able to tell with his attitude. Shane is a true family man who enjoys spending every free moment with his wife and their four children, Ethan, Brody, Reese and Skye.


Email Shane Fox at: sfox@sweatpt.com