Employee Bios

Employee Bios


Merrill Road



Luke Bonner  - Regional Manager



Florida native Luke Bonner came to the Bailey's Health and Fitness team in 2016. Luke has had a lifelong passion for fitness and health improvement. With over 15 years in guest related fields, he aims to serve every guest's needs and provide the best possible experience. Luke believes in the true life changes that can come from a healthy lifestyle, and looks forward to continuing to grow his involvement in the fitness industry with Bailey's.


Email Luke at: lukebonner@baileysgym.com




Mike Inciso - Director of Group Fitness

Mike has been in the health and fitness industry for more than 10 years. He attended the University of Florida and received a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology and minor in Mass Communication Studies. He holds multiple personal training and group fitness certifications through AFAA, ACE, NASM, TRX, and LES MILLS. His fitness philosophy is we should strive for progress not perfection.

Email Mike at: MikeInciso@baileysgym.com



Shawn Garnett  - Fitness Consultant

My name is Shawn and I have been with Bailey's since January 2018. Within the past year I moved to Florida from Texas, where I played sports all through high school and almost college, but was set back due to injuries. Bailey's has provided a great place where I can continue to live a healthy & active lifestyle, while helping others do the exact same.


Email Shawn at: ShawnGarnett@baileysgym.com



Arnold 'AJ' Alexander  -  Fitness Consultant


I've been a part of the Bailey's team since October 2015. I started out as a Cashier at our Merrill Road location, then in October 2016 moved to our Jax Beach location, became a Fitness Consultant, and most recently made the move back to the Merrill Road location. The environment and attitude of the members at Bailey's Gym make it the most enjoyable experience as an employee, and I wouldn't trade it for anything. If you're ever in the area, stop by and check us out!


Email Arnold at: arnoldalexander@baileysgym.com



Kyle Dzina  -  Fitness Consultant


Locals, my name is Kyle and I'm a Jacksonville native, born and raised! I grew up in a household of technology and learned a lot about computers at a really young age. I love to play instruments and write music. When I'm not doing that, I enjoy health and fitness related activities. I started working out in late 2016 when I was at my highest weight. I've worked hard to trim it off, with a goal to never go back to that weight! I've also been a Special Olympics Coach/Volunteer for over six years. I really enjoy helping others and Bailey's has given the opportunity to do exactly that!


Email Kyle at: kyledzina@baileysgym.com



Scott Berard  -  Fitness Consultant


Scott is a Jacksonville native, born and raised! Scott believes that people are capable of great things with the right guidance and support. Scott has been in the fitness industry for 8 years, with his experience ranging from personal training to management. Nothing makes Scott happier than to see members transform themselves over time and achieve their goals. Scott believes that the more knowledgeable the member, the more successful they will be. Scott looks forward to the opportunity to assist you in your personal journey.


Email Scott at:  scottberard@baileysgym.com



Sabine Fleury  -  Cashier


Hi my name is Sabine! I recently moved to Jacksonville from Boston. What stood out most to me about Bailey’s Health & Fitness was the professional yet fun environment. I’m on a mission to take every fitness class Bailey’s has to offer at least once. Join me on the challenge! Hopefully I meet you in one of our fun and exciting group fitness classes.


Email Sabine at:  sabinefleury@baileysgym.com



Misaiah Ibous  -  Cashier


My name is Misaiah (My-Zay-Uh) and I have been with Bailey’s Gym since December of 2017. Fitness is a big passion of mine and I enjoy a mixture of powerlifting and calisthenics. I am a Hawaiian and Filipino American, with most of my family residing in both New York and Hawaii. I am currently attending Florida State College at Jacksonville to obtain my Associate of Arts Degree and intend to pursue a bachelor’s in Information Technology. Before I became an employee at Bailey’s, I knew all the staff members. They offered a positive atmosphere that made me want to be a part of the team. So if you are ever in the Merrill area, come stop by and say hey!


Email Misaiah at:  misaiahibous@baileysgym.com



Michelle Wahl  -  Play Area Attendant

I've been employed with Bailey's since September 2016. I currently attend FSCJ, and have aspirations to complete my Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education at the University of North Florida. When I am not working at Bailey's, I can generally be found at the pool swimming laps or spending time with my puppy and bunny.





Helen Winters  -  Cleaner

My name is Helen Winters and I have worked for Bailey's since 2005, and was a member well before that! A Gainesville native, I learned hard work and dedication from my family at a young age and have enjoyed my time with Bailey's. During my free time I enjoy reading, spending time with my family & dog, and cheering on my favorite team, the Florida Gators!





Gina George  -  Sweat PT Manager

My love for fitness began in High School and college as a multi-event Track & Field athlete in Gainesville, Fl. I began working out at Bailey's Health and Fitness after relocating to Jacksonville, and it inspired me to change my whole life. I had been a Preschool Director for 12 years and knew I needed a change and I wanted to help people with their health and fitness. I loved training at Bailey's so much that I set out to become a Personal Trainer for Sweat PT, and did just that, at our Baymeadows location. In 2015 I was allowed the opportunity to grow with Sweat PT and take on the role of Fitness Director at our Merrill Road location.

My career with Sweat PT has given me the opportunity to share my passion for health and fitness with others as well as help them learn how to achieve their personal goals.

When not working with our clients and members I am a Nationally Qualified NPC Figure Competitor, Wife and Mother of 2.

Email Gina at: ggeorge@sweatpt.com