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Employee Bios


Monument Road

Club Manager Nick Denker

Nick Denker  -  Club Manager

As a New Jersey native and Division 1 Collegiate athlete at Monmouth University, health & fitness resonated throughout Nick’s life, on and off the football field. Receiving his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Management, Nick has a winning attitude and a passion for success. He began his professional career in health & fitness during his under-graduate studies in college and has been driven to make a difference and change the lives of others ever since. This passion started at a very young age. His journey led him into the health club industry where he developed and continues a career in helping people change their lives. Previously General Manager of a New Jersey Health Club, Nick has relocated here in FL with family and is excited to be with Bailey’s and assist in bringing the club to the next level.

Email Nick at:  NickDenker@baileysgym.com




Director of Group Fitness Donna Vona

Donna Vona - Director of Group Fitness

Donna has been teaching Group Fitness classes since 1991. She is Certified by AFAA in Group Fitness and Personal Training. Donna is also certified by TRX, Schwinn Indoor Cycling, Zumba, and YogaFit. Donna teaches various formats of Group Fitness classes as well as coaching small group trainings. She is currently working on obtaining the Performance Enhancement Specialist certification through NASM.

Email Donna at: donnavona@baileysgym.com



Fitness Consultant Kara Curley

Kara Curley  -  Fitness Consultant


Hey! My name is Kara, and I was born and raised here in Florida. I have always been involved in cheerleading, weightlifting, wrestling, basketball and also competed in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournaments. I joined Bailey's Gym, and was able to lose over 120 pounds, fall in love with fitness, and change my life. I would love to help you on whatever journey you choose! Come say hi and let's get started on your health and fitness goals.


Email Kara at: karacurley@baileysgym.com



Fitness Consultant Daniel DeAngelis

Daniel DeAngelis  -  Fitness Consultant


My name is Daniel DeAngelis and I love fitness. My goal is to eventually become an IFBB Pro bodybuilder, as well as become a renowned filmmaker. Fitness has been a part of my life since freshman year of high school and will be for the foreseeable future. I hope to spread my love for fitness and the gym to others through my current occupation.


Email Daniel at: danieldeangelis@baileysgym.com




Fitness Consultant Monica Morales-Rubio

Monica Morales-Rubio - Fitness Consultant


Hola, my name is Monica Morales-Rubio I was born and raised on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. I have been an active person all my life and have played volleyball, basketball and softball. I'm a firm believer that your body is a temple and you need to treat it as such and take care of it. I love to help people achieve their personal fitness goals.



Email Monica at: monicamoralesrubio@baileysgym.com



Cashier Grant Morgan

Grant Morgan  -  Cashier


My name is Grant and I'm a Jacksonville native with a lifelong interest in health and fitness. I grew up playing basketball and training in gymnastics. Later in life, I transitioned my focus to percussion and skateboarding. Staying active and eating right has allowed me to pursue my hobbies and rehab serious injuries so that I might continue to enjoy life to the fullest. I love working in an athletic environment surrounded by people trying to better themselves, and find satisfaction in helping others reach their goals.


Email Grant at: grantmorgan@baileysgym.com



Cashier Phillip Jackson

Phillip Jackson  -  Cashier


My name is Phillip Jackson and I was born and raised in Jacksonville and had the pleasure of joining the Baileys team in January of 2018! I grew up playing basketball and eventually played for University Christian in high school while being home-schooled. I got into weight-lifting after a friend referred me to Baileys Gym, and ever since I have been striving to live a healthy lifestyle, while helping others to do the same. I have a beautiful baby girl who is almost 2 years old, and she is the love of my life! I love the Lord and I think its important to always keep God first! I love hanging out with family and friends, and my hobbies are video games, computers, studying the Bible, learning, and lifting weights!


Email Philip at: phillipjackson@baileysgym.com



Cashier Tom Martin

Tom Martin  -  Cashier


Tom was born in Western Pennsylvania and lived in the Northeast until the late 70's when he moved to Jacksonville. He was fortunate enough to have a friend who taught him the intricacies of working out and eating right. After retiring from his chosen profession of 34 years, he began working at Fitness Dimension that his friend owned. As luck would have it, he became a Bailey's employee in 2009 when Baileys purchased Fitness Dimension and opened the Monument Road location. He has been with Bailey's ever since, enjoying the camaraderie of the Bailey's members and staff.


Email Tom at: tommartin@baileysgym.com



Play Area Attendant Anna Reilly

Anna Reilly  -  Play Area Attendant


My name is Anna Reilly and I have worked for Bailey's Health & Fitness since 2015. While working here, I enjoy meeting and spending time with all the children that come through the door. I think it is such a blessing to form relationships with each one of them!





Play Area Attendant Annie Barnett

Annie Barnette  -  Play Area Attendant


Born and raised in North Carolina, Annie married into the military and has moved all over the country. In the midst that, Annie and her husband have raised 3 beautiful children while she was a stay-at-home mom for almost 10 years. Working at Bailey's has allowed Annie the opportunity to get back into the workforce and she looks forward to using her gift of service to serve those who come into our doors.





Play Area Attendant Veronica Rincon

Veronica Rincon - Play Area Attendant


My name is Veronica Rincon and it’s been 15 years since I moved to the beautiful city of Jacksonville. While working at Bailey’s Gym as a Play Area Attendant I have developed skills such as patience, communication, and attention to detail. It is rewarding to work with the children I have the pleasure of meeting every day.





Play Area Attendant Essence McLeod

Essence McLeod - Cleaner


Hello, my name is Essence. I have been a part of the Bailey's family since November 2019. Bailey's has allowed me the privilege of being able to develop new relationships with all kinds of people. I truly enjoy doing anything I can to help put a smile on the member's faces and be that bit of "extra" that makes their day. I have a passion for cleaning and a zest for brightening the lives of others. Being able to do both here at Bailey's is a true blessing. In addition to my employment with Bailey's, I also attend school to further my education. If you happen to be near by, stop in and say hello! I would love to see you and do my part in helping you reach your goals one step at a time.





Play Area Attendant Samantha Woods

Samantha Woods - Play Area Attendant


Hi! My name is Sam. I was born and raised in Rhode Island. I moved to Jacksonville in 2017 so that I may attend Jacksonville University. I am passionate about children and education. I aspire to be an elementary school teacher. In my free time I enjoy reading, spending time with my pets as well as playing lacrosse.





Sweat PT Director Darnell McGee

Darnell McGhee  -  Sweat PT Director


Born and raised in Ohio, I moved to Florida in 2008 when I got a job offer from Verizon wireless. After a few years in that industry, I decided it was time for a career change that was more rewarding, and that was when my fitness career began. I started off just doing it to better myself but quickly found out I could also benefit others. First, I started studying for my certification through NASM to become a certified personal trainer. During this time I was also a General Manager at a nationwide health club!

On April 24th 2015, I was in a horrible car accident that could have taken my life, but instead I only suffered a broken back and had to undergo spinal fusion surgery. That incident took a lot out of me, and me out of the gym, but God is good and he allowed me to pretty much make a 100% recovery! Now that I’m back in the saddle working for Sweat PT with Bailey's Health and Fitness, I’m looking to share my testimony with as many people and change as many lives as possible along the way!

Email Darnell at: dmcghee@sweatpt.com