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Employee Bios




Fitness Consultant Noah Harper

Noah Harper - Fitness Consultant



I grew up around the Palatka area and have been a resident of Putnam County my whole Life. I enjoy helping people to the best of my ability and love to see individuals achieve their goals, whether that is fitness goals or other personal life goals. I have been into fitness/working out in the 5 years since I have been out of high school. I enjoy the atmosphere at Bailey's Health & Fitness, seeing all the local residents, and being able to connect with our members and supporting them in any kind of way I can.



Email Noah at:  NoahHarper@baileysgym.com



Fitness Consultant Ashley Maxwell

Ashley Maxwell - Fitness Consultant



Ashley is originally from Ocala, where she developed her passion for fitness and health. She was very active and athletic growing up and played soccer for 9 years. Ashley has moved and traveled throughout her life and found Bailey's as a member in 2021. Ashley continued to carry on her passion for fitness and joined the Bailey's Health and Fitness team in June 2021. If you have any questions about the gym or any personal goals you would like to achieve, she would be more than happy to help you succeed!



Email Ashley at:  AshleyMaxwell@baileysgym.com



Fitness Consultant Destiny Schulingkamp

Destiny Schulingkamp - Fitness Consultant



I'm originally from New Jersey but have lived in Putnam County since I was really young. I graduated from Q.I. Roberts in 2020, the height of COVID. I've grown up helping the community, and love to do what I can. Working at Bailey's Health and Fitness I get to help people reach for their health goals. Bailey's has such a friendly atmosphere, it makes it really easy to be here. We look forward to seeing you!



Email Destiny at:  DestinySchulingkamp@baileysgym.com




Cashier Linda Lanham

Linda Lanham - Cashier



I came to Florida from Michigan, worked for the City of Palatka until I retired in 2016. I enjoy working with my plants and walking my dogs. I also volunteer at a free clinic in town, as well as the food pantry at my church. I Love meeting new people, so come see me at Bailey's Gym.




Email Linda at:  LindaLanham@baileysgym.com



Cleaner Tracy Claro

Tracy Smith  -  Cleaner


Tracy Smith is Head Cleaner at our Palatka location. She started with Bailey's August 12, 2013 while construction of Palatka was in its final stages. Tracy is so proficient at what she does, she is called upon to train other cleaners company wide. She is the mother of two lovely girls. Tracy really enjoys cleaning and, having been at Bailey's Palatka since we opened, takes great pride and ownership in the gym and the quality of the facility. She also enjoys working with her fellow employees and all are great friends outside of work.




Sweat PT Trainer Emily Lockman

Emily Lockman - Sweat PT

I found a love for health and fitness when I was 18 and began to work for Bailey’s Health and Fitness as a Fitness Consultant. After almost 3 years working for Bailey’s, I pursued a career in the Marine Corps, where I continued to expand my knowledge of health and fitness and became certified as a Personal Trainer. I began working with Sweat PT in November 2019, shortly after my time in the Marine Corps. I am currently pursuing a degree in Exercise Science to further my own knowledge and continue to provide new information to members. I strive to help everyone, of all fitness levels reach his/her goals, while instilling confidence in them on their fitness journeys. Fitness is my passion and I love that I get to help others reach their goals. There is nothing I love more than seeing the transformations of our members, from the physical ones, to the mental ones of becoming comfortable in the gym environment and having more confidence in their abilities. I firmly believe that when you are given the right knowledge and you have the determination - It’s not a matter of IF you achieve your goals, but a matter of WHEN. I’d love to help you reach your goals! Come see me to get started “For yourself, not by yourself!” And get ready to sweat for it!


Email Emily at:  elockman@sweatpt.com


Sweat PT Trainer Leanne Hepler

Leanne Hepler - Sweat PT

Leanne Hepler has worked with diverse client populations and their various goals for the past 12 years. She is a certified AFFA trainer and has been employed by Sweat PT since June of 2016. She attributes her passion and dedication for helping others through her own personal struggles and journey to health and fitness. Leanne believes “Consistency is Key"; “ Knowledge is Power". Leanne is highly skilled in helping clients realize that they hold the key to their own success, therefore she promotes exercise activities and coping methods that transform unhealthy habits and fuel healthy minds and bodies. Her passion lies in living an active lifestyle and inspiring others to find the motivation to improve and maintain their fitness levels. Leanne has the experience, knowledge, and skills to assist and make your goals possible!!!!!


Email Leanne at:  lhepler@sweatpt.com