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Every Bailey's Gym location offers a fully stocked pro shop with sports nutrition products, apparel, and other items available for your convenience.


Sports Nutrition Products:

Weight training and exercising adds stress to your body.  Protein, vitamins and other supplements help you recover from this process and achieve your fitness goals.  Each Bailey's carries sports nutrition products, energy boosters and endurance prodcuts.  All this, PLUS - we offcer some of the lowest prices around!  Look for our featured items, new products and monthly specials.  Don't see what you're looking for? Baileys can special order some items and products, or transfer them from another Bailey's gym location.  See a club near you for details.



Bailey's offers a full line of workout apparel and can make recommendations as to style and comfort.  From t-shirts to gloves, to belts and straps, hats, hoodies and more - we have a wide variety to choose from.  We can also order other sizes and colors that may not be available in the club.  Keep in mind that your workouts will be more fun and productive if you feel comfortable in your workout gear.  If you need help or advice on what to wear, feel free to contact us before your first workout.



Tired of fetching your wallet or purse every time you want to grab a water or quick snack in the Pro Shop?  Powercash is the answer!  With Powercash, you can put money into your Bailey's account specifically designed for use in the Pro Shop, and you can access your funds with the same card you scan to get through the door.  It's just that simple!  Autofunding is also now available.  See your club's front desk for details.