Employee Bios

Employee Bios


San Jose


Daniel Kennon - Club Manager

Daniel joined the Baileys team as Manager Trainee in 2015, worked hard, and was promoted to Manager in December of that year.  Daniel is a native to Jacksonville and is passionate about changing peoples lives through health and fitness. One of his main goals as manager is to provide great customer service, a clean environment and a friendly sincere atmosphere that members enjoy.

Daniel believes in the old saying "If you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, go together." Accountability is key to having a healthy lifestyle, and Baileys certainly creates that foundation for everyone of our members.

Email Daniel at: danielkennon@baileysgym.com


Brittney Turner - Manager Trainee

Brittney has been working in the Health and Fitness industry for 6 years and has a passion for helping people create and maintain a healthy lifestyle. She is currently pursuing a degree in Sports Management, with hopes to work with professional sports teams in the future. Her goal at Baileys is to help and inspire as many people as possible to reach their fitness goals and be the best versions of themselves. Baileys was the first gym that Brittney joined and she has loved the facility ever since! Aside from her passion and dedication to fitness, Brittney is a huge animal lover and volunteers for our local Humane society and Catty Shack as much as possible. Getting to know and help every single member is very important to Brittney,so please feel free to ask her any questions you have! GO JAGS!

Email Brittney at: brittneyturner@baileysgym.com


Mike Janosick - Manager Trainee


Mike has returned to Bailey's Health and Fitness after 10 years as a Bullpen Catcher with the Jacksonville Suns/Jumbo Shrimp. Mike has a passion for helping people and believes Health and Fitness are integral to quality of life. In his spare time, Mike continues to be engaged in baseball. Coaching youth Travel Baseball is very rewarding to Mike as he has the opportunity to mold the next generation of athletes. Mike's goal is to provide excellent customer service as well as a safe and comfortable environment for all Bailey's members and guests.

Email Mike at: mikejanosick@baileysgym.com




Mike Inciso - Director of Group Fitness


Mike has been in the health and fitness industry for more than 10 years. He attended the University of Florida and received a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology and minor in Mass Communication Studies. He holds multiple personal training and group fitness certifications through AFAA, ACE, NASM, TRX, and LES MILLS. His fitness philosophy is we should strive for progress not perfection.




Email Mike at: MikeInciso@baileysgym.com



Troy Graham  - Director of Team Training


Troy Graham became a Bailey's Gym member at the age of 18. Since then, he has used the facilities to influence his career in a multitude of ways. He is a former Jacksonville University football player and now an alumni with a Bachelors in Science & Arts. Post-college he has became a professional all-natural bodybuilder, and an NASM Certified Personal Trainer. Troy has been personal training with Sweat PT since March 2017. Troy has a passion for health and fitness. He loves how it can inspire anyone to achieve their unique goals.


Email Troy at: troygraham@baileysgym.com



Carly Dougherty - Fitness Consultant


Carly joined the Bailey’s team in July 2017 as a Fitness Consultant. A native of Cape May, NJ, Carly was always very active in sports, and believes that a team mentality must be applied to achieve all goals. Following her work as a Bartender, Carly applied the people skills she had learned into 5 years of fitness membership sales. During that time, she started teaching Ab classes. Through a strong following, she was ultimately motivated to obtain her certification as a Personal Trainer. Carly finally chose the path of becoming a Fitness Consultant as she finds the most satisfaction in helping clients’ find the perfect plan to suit their lifestyle and personal goals. Her primary goal is to live in the moment, and always do something today that will make you proud tomorrow. Whether using the knowledge of yesterday to improve today, or starting something positive today in hopes of a brighter tomorrow, the key word is TODAY!

Email Carly at: carlydougherty@baileysgym.com



Casey Connolly - Fitness Consultant


Casey is a Fitness Consultant at our San Jose location. With more than 16 years' experience in the fitness field, he holds a Bachelor’s degree in Movement Science with a concentration in Athletic Training from Westfield State College (’97). Casey ran cross-country and track and field in high school and college and participated in the Boston Marathon in 1999. He enjoys watching the transformation of someone’s body through exercise and believes “the basic fundamentals of exercise are the foundation of a good exercise program.” A native of Massachusetts, Casey is very passionate of his Boston’s sports teams and thinks they are “wicked awesome”!

Email Casey at: caseyconnolly@baileysgym.com


Gary Janica - Fitness Consultant

Gary Janica joined us as a Fitness Consultant in 2012. He enjoys living an active lifestyle whether it is playing sports such as soccer, throwing a Frisbee out on the beach, or just enjoying the outdoors exploring! Gary has always loved the gym atmosphere and helping others achieve their fitness goals. Having always enjoyed friendly competition, he enjoys participating in local group runs and marathons such as the Gate River Run! Gary is currently in the Business Administration program at Florida State College at Jacksonville concentrating in Human Resources and is hopeful at advancement opportunities here at Bailey's!

Email Gary at: garyjanica@baileysgym.com


Marcus Hardesty - Fitness Consultant



Marcus Hardesty born and raised in Jacksonville Florida. Grew up playing football and basketball. Marcus is also very big into the health and fitness industry he started working out when he was 15 years old, and has been doing it ever since. He also is very goal driven, and has a passion for helping people that is why he came to work for Bailey's Health and Fitness.



Email Marcus at: marcushardesty@baileysgym.com


Amy "Ginger" Williams - Fitness Consultant

Ginger has been a member of Bailey's Gym since 2011. It was her continuously growing love and passion for health and fitness that made her want to join the Bailey's team as a Fitness Consultant. Ginger believes that fitness is for every age and every stage of life. She hopes to encourage and inspire others on their journey towards wellness by being a part of the supportive community that Bailey's provides. Ginger is a very proud mother of two amazing children, two dogs, and seven cats! Her daughter is very active in band and is a superior rated flute player. Her son is an honors STEM student and a varsity soccer player. Ginger is very active and has a love for extreme sports. She believes that you should challenge yourself every day. Ginger enjoys Olympic weight lifting, mountain biking, obstacle course races, and currently skates for Jacksonville Roller Derby.

Email Ginger at: amywilliams@baileysgym.com



Brianna Harrell - Cashier


Born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida, Bri has developed a passion for health, wellness, and alternative medicine. She believes that exercise is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Some of her hobbies include film/photography, reading, exercising, and DIY crafts. Bri's main goal is to increase people's awareness of the importance of wellness and self-care. "Exercise helps to develop a healthy relationship between the mind and body and Bailey's is helping people achieve that.


Email Brianna at: Briannaharrell@baileysgym.com



Samuel Meek - Cashier


Samuel Meek was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. He started his fitness journey his sophomore year of high school and hasn?t looked back since! His passion for helping others makes him a key asset to the Baileys Heath and Fitness team! In fact, his motivation to assist others has pushed him to pursue a career as a firefighter, starting his schooling while continuing his work with us.



Email Samuel at: samuelmeek@baileysgym.com


Kristian Emamdie - Play Area Attendant

Kris joined the Bailey’s team as a Play Area Attendant in the summer of 2017. She has previous experience as a Nanny, which drove her to pursue an occupation centered on children. Kris has two children of her own and loves that she can include them in the fun. Soccer is a family passion and helps connect her ‘on the go’ lifestyle to the gym. She is working to obtain her professional certificate as an Ultrasound Technician, with the ultimate goal of starting her own business. In the meantime, Kris applies her talents through her employment with Bailey’s Gym, which allows her to showcase her abilities. Personally, Kris believes that hard work and dedication are the keys to success.




Giana Booth - Play Area Attendant

Giana joined the Bailey's team as a Play Area Attendant in July 2018. She has previous experience as a lead preschool teacher. Giana is currently studying Public Health at the University of North Florida, with future plans to attend Medical School. Her goal is to become a Naturopathic Doctor and start her own primary care office offering treatment via alternative medicine, as well as offering seminars about gardening, nutrition, plant based eating, and the environment. While she's embarking on her educational journey, she is strengthening her social and communication skills with people and children of all ages at Bailey's so she can eventually give back to the community.




Maria Serna - Play Area Attendant

Maria joined the Bailey's team as a Play Area Attendant in November of 2017. She has previous experience in childcare when she was stationed in Japan with her husband who is currently serving in the U.S. Navy. Maria has one child of her own, who is very playful and always brings joy to the play area. Maria's hobbies with her family include hiking and bicycling which helps her maintain a positive attitude towards healthy living and staying fit. Maria is also fluent in Spanish as well as Japanese; she is always willing and excited to teach others. Maria brings a belief to our Bailey's team that it's all about quality of life and finding a happy balance between work, friends and family.




Channelle Matthias - Play Area Attendant


Channelle joined the Bailey's team in 2014 and is committed to providing the best customer service possible to members and their children. She loves working with the kids in the Play Area and approaches each child as if they are family and strives to make sure every child is cared for and has a great time on each visit.

Channelle was raised in the UK and came to Jacksonville seeking the Florida sunshine. She is passionate about fitness and loves working out and the positive influence it brings physically and mentally. She recently became a certified personal trainer and dreams of one day inspiring and guiding others on their own personal fitness journey.




Mimoza Stratoberdha - Cleaner


Mimoza Stratoberdha became a member of the Bailey's team in January 2012 following the acquisition of another fitness facility. Mimoza has a passion for cleanliness and a meticulous work ethic, which is demonstrated daily as she cleans our gym. Mimoza is known for her friendly and personable demeanor by all, and is a pleasure to interact with. When she is not working, Mimoza enjoys spending time with her two grandchildren.





Kostaq Stratoberdha - Cleaner



Kostaq Stratoberdha became a member of the Bailey's team in January 2012 following the acquisition of another fitness facility. Kostaq takes great pride in his work, and can be seen working diligently to keep our facilities clean. When he is not working, Kostaq enjoys spending time with his two grandchildren.







Dave Navarro - Sweat PT Manager


Dave Navarro is our Sweat PT Manager for Bailey's San Jose location. From Jacksonville and the youngest of 7 children, he is very close with family. His family is from the Philippines and where he spends a large part of his life outside of the gym. He is very passionate about sports, especially basketball and football. He enjoys working out because it is a part of his lifestyle. Dave also has a background in mortgage and banking. In his previous finance career he has worked with most major banks including Bank Of America, Everbank and Wells Fargo. He made a career change and was blessed to be given an opportunity to join the SweatPT family mid last year. He started as the SweatPT Manager at the Bailey's Orange Park location and is now currently managing the SweatPT at Bailey's San Jose location. He loves the new career that he has because the job offers many benefits not only for him but also for the Bailey's members that he helps. " I help and encounter each day. I was raised to help others without expecting anything in return and do whatever it takes to put a smile in peoples' faces. I not only do that now but I also help change peoples lives and not a lot of people can say that about their career."


Email Dave at: dnavarro@sweatpt.com