"A friend recommended I come check out Bailey's in Orange Park, so I did. I am so glad since it has really been a great experience. I have gone from a size 14 to a size 10 since I joined in July 2010. Jon and all of the staff have been so helpful and supportive. I train with Amanda. She is a taskmaster but keeps it fun too. I've made some great new friends there, who are also very encouraging. It is refreshing to be able to go to the gym and know that you are working towards a better healthier you. I plan on being a long time member."


- Charlotte McWilliams, Bailey’s member – Orange Park location


"I have been a Bailey's member for years. I have always been impressed with the professionalism of Bailey' s gyms and operation. I LOVE how the front desk people always remember people's names and make everyone feel like family!! Since I am a business coach and customer service teacher, I am always keenly aware of customer relationships everywhere I go. Bailey's is always outstanding..."

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- Felice Caliestro, Bailey’s member – Baymeadows location



"About a year and a half ago, I was encouraged by a friend and Bailey's member to join the gym on Merrill Road. At that time, I had lost about 20 pounds on my own, but I needed more; although, I wasn't for sure what I needed. All my life I've been overweight and felt trapped. Bailey's helped open a whole new world for me!..."

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- Larissa Buchholz, Bailey’s member – Merrill Rd. location


"I just want to give kudos to trainer/instructor Miguel Alvarez. Miguel's Boot Camp and Strike Zone classes are the absolute best group fitness classes that I have ever taken. Becoming a regular to Miguel's classes has helped significantly improve my health and cardiovascular fitness level. Miguel has the ability to push you to exceed your best and does so with such high energy and enthusiasm that it keeps the classes fun and makes you want to keep coming back for more. On any chance that I get I let others know how great Boot Camp and Strike Zone are and recommend that they come to Bailey's to give them a try. I always make a point to thank Miguel for his great work but wanted to take this opportunity to make sure he receives some of the recognition that he definitely deserves and would also like to thank Bailey's for offering such a great selection & schedule of group fitness classes!"


- Michael Napolitano, Bailey’s member – Baymeadows location



"After moving to the Orange Park area two years ago I joined Bailey's Gym. Soon after joining I had several medical issues and was not consistent in my work out program. I also had to have major surgery in March of 2010 that left me unable to workout for several months. My weight slowly crept up to the heaviest I have ever been. With an incredible amount of insecurity I went to cancel my membership, but at that moment I had an epiphany and wanted a change..."

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- Nikki Turner, Bailey’s member – Orange Park location